She bit the inside of her mouth before feeling her attention be yanked back to the hallway they were walking when she heard a familiar, haunting noise.

It was a scream; a blood curdling scream that froze her to her core. The sound made her stop walking, as she turned her head in the direction it was coming from. Such pain were in those screams, but everyone around the hall didn’t appear to notice.

Was she hearing things? Was this one of her strange visions?

“Pay no mind, it is only the prince.” Marcia’s voice was calming, as Liora felt the woman pull her to stand under her arm. “He does this once in a while.”

“What’s causing that?” Liora asked, looking up to see the light blue gaze of the woman. “What’s making him sick?”

“I don know.” Marcia shook her head before turning back down the hall. “No, one knows.”

“So you let him suffer?” Liora spouted.

“Caldor and the others are trying to lessen the prince’s pain until a cure can be found.” Marcia chimed, giving the girl a reassuring smile; as if a smile could solve everything.