Never thought how my habits effected how I write until checking out this picture. 🙂


This covers the habits of famous writers from what time of day they found themselves writing to if they were a cat person. This made me want to share my writing habits with you, and maybe help you think about where you fall in this picture chart. 🙂

Night owl or Daylight Dove?

I’m a night writer. I write more during the dark hours of evening than I could ever during the light of day. Daytime is distracting, and makes me wish I was doing something else. The other point of this, most of my life I was in school or at work during the day… leaving night the only time for me to write.

So, as a night writer I join writers like T.S. Elliot, Danielle Steel, and Robert Frost.

Coffee or Tea?

I will have a coffee if I must stay awake or need that extra boost, but if I have a choice I would go with a sweet tea. I like the taste of tea, and find it enjoyable to drink even when it’s cold (a bonus if you forget about making it).

With this, I join other tea drinkers like Stephen King, Jane Austin, and C.S. Lewis.

Type like the wind or like a snail?

When starting a project I normally type fast. I find myself doing at least 2000-4000 words in one sitting (or more). My mind races through ideas fast, and if my hands don’t keep up I will lose that idea.

I edit like a snail though… but that isn’t the point of this section.

Other fast writers are Stephen King, J.R.R Tolkien, and Charles Dickens.

Cat or Dog?

I grew up with dogs and love man’s best friend to the end. I don’t mind cats, but I’ll take a dog any day.

Other dog loving writers consist of Emily Bronte, Virginia Woolf, and Dorothy Parker.

Writing while laying down or moving:

If I’m not laying in my bed or laying on the couch I am not writing. I have to sit to focus on my work. Ideas come to me when I walk about, but they flow easier when I’m stuck in one place. My goal is to have a basket chair so I can make that my writing nest. 😛

Other laying down writers include William Wordsworth, George Orwell, and Edith Sitwell.

Now it is your turn. What habits do you have to follow to write? Comment below. XD