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November 7, 2015

Update: Regarding Book 1 and Book 2


Hello lovelies,

Just wanted to update you on what is going on.

I am in the process of having book one edited since editing is very important. This will likely take a couple of weeks, and changes will probably take another week… then there will be a final edit session.

I am hoping to still have this out by Christmas, but we shall have to wait and see.

Now, as the title to this post has suggested, I will be talking about book 2 of the P6 series.

As I have completed book one, and I am waiting for the editor to be finished making changes/ suggestions, I am left being bored out of my mind. So, since I’ve been writing book one for 6 months straight, I decided I would start book 2.

Progress on this book will be slower since I am still working on editing/ publishing book one… but I will let you know that I have completed the first two chapters.

I will hopefully have book 2 out by the summer or fall of next year. We shall have to wait and see. (Depends on how obsessed I get with it.)

That’s all I have for updates right now. If you have any questions leave them in the comments and I’ll be sure to answer them.

Toodles for now,

Classy (Deanna) Canuck 🙂

Writing is hard…


Writing is hard.

It’s having a mix of personalities fighting in your head for your attention. It’s hearing voices in the middle of the night feeding you ideas. It’s rewriting a scene fifty times because there is something about it that just doesn’t sound/feel right.

Writing is editing. Writing is editing everything over and over again. Writing is editing every little word, sentence, punctuation. Writing is editing your story to make sure it makes sense, it flows, the characters work, there’s enough description… enough emotion… enough connection… enough story……… *eye twitch*

Did I mention writing is editing…?


Writing is a passion that can put you into the happiest mood one moment to the saddest mood the next. It’s creating pain, feeling pain, and learning how to overcome that pain. Is creating the adventure, going on that adventure, and seeing it to its conclusion.

Writing is insanity with all the ups and downs. The places you imagine in your mind that feel so real to you, more-so sometimes than actual reality.

Writing is an escape from life, from the world.

Writing is life.

Writing will make you hate ever picking up a pen and starting the journey but once you’re done… there is no word to describe how incredible it feels.

Yes, writing is hard but the best things in life usually are. 🙂

Old Word Friday: Empurple


Do you like the colour purple? Do you want a word that explains your obsession with making things purple? Well, empurple is the word you’re looking for.

Empurple literally means making things purple.

For example:

Sally really loves the colour purple so she empurples her room, cellphone case, and clothing.


The colour specialist empurpled the wheel of cotton fabric.

Hope you enjoy this word, and don’t forget to empurple something in your life. XD

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