What Are You Excited About?

At the moment there is really one thing I am most excited about and that’s the completion of my first draft of my second book. Completing a first draft essentially is when you have officially told yourself the story and how you want it to play out. It is the bones or foundation for your final draft to be built upon. You have your basics planned and all that is left is to fix it up, correct the grammar, making the necessary changes before handing it off to the editor to tear to piece before you go through and fix it for the publish process.

I love writing the first draft because that’s when you get to learn about your character and see how they have changed. You can place them in situations that you may later remove, but they help test the personality of this thing you have created. You’ve essentially sketched out what you want before adding the paint to your canvas.

I’m almost done writing my first draft of my second book. I’m close to having my foundation to build from, and hopefully a sketch to paint by the time I have completed it.

Only time will tell… but I can’t help but be excited. (^.^)