So… I’ve surpassed my goal for this blog about a day ago….

Seven months ago when I started this blog and my journey to self-publish my book series I had in mind that I knew I was doing something right if I could reach 450 followers.

Well people, it’s happened. It took me seven months but today officially puts me at 451 followers and I’m gosh darn toodly doodly that I have to give something back to you all for your awesome support over these months. Now, how will I be giving back?

Two ways actually.

The first way I’ll be giving back is tomorrow’s WWW post.

For this WWW I will be posting 7 Wonderful Words instead of 1 like I usually do. This is to commemorate the seven months of you being so wonderful that I had to put it into seven wonderful words. (Plus that seems to be your favourite segment on my blog next to Old Word Friday). 🙂

The second way I want to show my thanks for your support actually involves a little more work from you- bare with me while I explain.

The whole point in writing this book – heck this series – was to help people. This whole project started with me, but you all have been their for the ride and I want you all to feel like you’re involved in making things happen.


What I want to do is donate 200 dollars to charity. This isn’t book money… since my first book is being offered for free… but money out of my own pocket. I just want to help others and with a growing community like mine I want everyone here to be able to have a chance to make a difference.

What I want to do is give the money to two charities. That means 100 dollars to each charity. There are a lot of charities out there and so this is where I hopefully get you all involved in this adventure.

The rules are as follows:

Write a Blog Post no less than 100 and no more than 3000 words with the title – If I Had 100 Dollars

The post will be about a charity that’s main focus is about children, education, or literacy. (There are a lot of options out there for these… I know… I’ve looked…)

The post should talk briefly about the charity and why you think they deserve the donation. What made you choose this charity? Why do you want me to choose this charity? Also include a link to the charity site (so I can check it out and learn more about the charity you have written about).

If you don’t want to blog or can’t blog, send me your post by email.

Tweet me the link to your post @DProphecy6 or email me at

The end date for this will be FEBRUARY 15TH, 2016.

NOW, what will I do and what will the winners get:

  1. I will either reblog or post the charity winners on my site on FEB 15th, 2016.
  2. I will print screen the completed transactions of the donations to my blog by FEB 16th, 2016.
  3. I will also follow the winners’ blog and reblog seven of their posts.
  4. The winners will also get a signed paperback version of the first and (eventually) second P6 book.


Forward this to people you think may want to take part. The more entries the better.

I can’t wait to read your posts. 🙂