As promised in yesterdays post – Two Gifts To My Followers – I am now going to share with you seven interesting, weird, and wonderful words.

|ONE| Snickersnee

This word is another name for a knife that is used as a weapon, or to cut or thrust something. It is believed to come from the Dutch where it combines two words that together mean ‘a stick or snee that is used to thrust or cut’.

Example of the word in a sentence:

Sally discovered she was unable to snickersnee the weeds behind her house.

|TWO| Kakorrhaphiophobia

Over the last couple of weeks I could say I have been suffering from this. To be kakorrhaphiophobic is to have the fear of failure. Everyone has had a moment where they have felt kakorrhaphiophobic… maybe?

Example of the word in a sentence:

The student’s kakorrhaphiophobia was making him worry about his upcoming report card.

|THREE| Quire

Put simple is four sheets of paper or parchment folded to make eight leaves, just like they would with medieval manuscripts. I just love the way this word sounds when you say it.

Example of the word in a sentence:

The scholar gathered together all the parchment available before setting to the task of producing a fresh abundance of quires.

|FOUR| Agerasia

This is a word that means you look much younger than your actual age. My parents and I run into this problem all the time. When my parents first lived together in their later twenties the landlord came to their apartment and asked if their parents were available, as he wanted to discuss the rent.

Much more recently I was trying on dresses for a friend’s wedding when the woman who was working their asked if I was looking forward to my prom… I’m 25 years old… I graduated high school over 6 years ago…

I laughed. She laughed. It got awkward…

I didn’t get the dress.

Anywho, word in a sentence:

Both sides of my family complain about having to deal with peoples’ comments about their youthful appearance. At times it is a great compliment. At others they curse the fact they suffer from agerasia.

|FIVE| Xertz

To eat or drink greedily. To eat or drink with speed.

I like how it has the two least used words in the English alphabet.

Example of xertz in a sentence:

The children xertzed down their Halloween candy before they got home.

|SIX| Dompteuse

This word is the name for female animal trainers. I just thought it was a really weird looking word and so it was added to my list.

Example of the word in a sentence:

Bree, the dompteuse, ushered the lion to jump through the hula hoop.

|SEVEN| Brontide

The low rumbling noise of thunder in the distance.

Example of the word in a sentence:

The couple drove south towards the storm, judging by the brontides.