I’ve started to run into the issue of getting ahead of myself in my writing. I have all the books I want to write planned out but the problem I’m having right now is that I have all these ideas for later works. My focus should be on my writing the draft of my first book, but noooo. Here I am trying to complete the draft and my brain goes:

“Hey, you know what you be a great idea!”

I groan, stop typing and reluctantly listen.

“Why don’t you make your character get captured by pirates in the fifth book?”

I nod my head. Yes, this isn’t a bad idea. Now my brain is filled with ‘what if’ scenarios… and my hands have opened a new Word document… and five hours later I have three chapters done to that idea but no progress on my current work.

The life of a writer I guess… full of ideas but none relate to your current project. XD