hatetechIn my day-to-day life I rely on technology for a lot of things. It lets me communicate with you through my blog, my readers through other social media sites, allows me to research anything I want with a click of a mouse, and even permits me to post my book online for free on various sites. I can also write my book through different applications on my desktop, listen to an old British man read it back to me through another app, easily find things I need in book one by simply using ctrl+f. What would have taken me hours to do with pen, paper, and textbooks now takes me minutes.

Technology is amazing but technology is also terrible.

With all the productive time I do spend with my laptop I also spend being unproductive.
When I sit down and I’m set on writing something I think about researching a topic for the scene and Poof I’ve wasted six hours watching cat videos on YouTube. I want to find inspiration for a stairwell on Google Images and poof I’ve wasted four hours looking at DIY projects I will never actually do on Pinterest.

Don’t get me wrong, these applications have their uses. I listen to music on Youtube to set the mood of a scene. I find fun quotes or pictures for me to post on my blog through Pinterest. It is just – maybe – I don’t have any self-control when it comes to using technology…

But – again – using technology is faster than using hatelovethe old methods. It’s convenient to use a computer than a book, to use a keyboard instead of a pen. We have been taught that convenience is always better. The fast way is the best way… and in truth this way does work for me besides the hours I waste on useless activities. I think faster than I can write by hand… but I now can type faster than I can think sometimes. I can easily organize my story, copy/ paste ideas I want to use into other files or keep deleted pieces from my work encase I want to use them again in the future. I can create folders with pictures that inspire me to write or relate to my book.

So, as much as I hate technology I also love it… technology is a frenemy.