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Apple Sauce & Apple Cider Recipe


It’s Fall!! I love fall so much. Not only does it have my favourite holiday – Halloween – but it is also filled with yummy comfort foods and cozy sweaters. So, to launch this fall season off I want to share with you my trick to making Apple Sauce and Apple Cider.


Prep time: 10-15 mins                     Cook time: 3 hrs                                   Total time: 3.5 hrs


6-7 Apples (Royal Gala or Spartan)

4-5 Cups Water

1/4 Cup Sweetener (Brown or White Sugar, Honey)

2 Cinnamon Sticks

Items you’ll need:

1 Crock Pot

1 Glass bowl or pot

1 Cup measuring cup

1/4 Cup measuring cup


Potato Masher

Cutting Board



Jug and a glass jar (Mason Jar)


Chop and peel all the apples (6-7), place them in the crock pot with 1/4 cup of sweetener and 2 cinnamon sticks. Add the 4-5 cups of water until apple pieces are bobbing or there is a faint layer of water over the apples. Mix everything together in the crock pot before putting on the lid and setting the pot to high. Let cook for 3 hours, or until apples are soft enough to crush IMG_20141115_163307with a fork.

Once apples are soft enough, use a potato masher to press the apples into a pulp. Use strainer and glass bowl or pot to separate the pulp and liquid. Press pulp in the strainer to make sure as much liquid is removed as possible. Place pulp in Mason Jar.

You may have to strain the pulp and liquid 2-3 times until cider is clear of large apple pieces. Store apple pulp in Mason Jar and apple cider in a container of your choice, let cool before putting them in the fridge.

You have now made apple cider and apple sauce. Congratulations!

Makes: 1 large Mason Jar of Apple Sauce and 4-5 cups of Apple Cider.

Note: I was contemplating on adding this video but some of you may find it helpful… while I just find it embarrassing. That crock pot has died since I made this video and my hair is no longer that long. A lot happens in a year… but hey if one of you finds it helpful it is worth posting it. 

Fake Nail Art – Portal Nail Design

Recently I’ve been trying to find new hobbies and for some reason I started to get into nail art. I don’t know why… it kind of just happened.

I think it started when I wanted to wear fake nails but I didn’t want those pre-designed ones you can buy at the drug store. I wanted to personalize my nails with something I enjoy. That’s when I thought of the companion cube and soon my nail idea grew to incorporate the Portal game.

Now, if you aren’t familiar with Portal, it is a classic puzzle game. You solve each level and get to move onto the next – kind of idea. It comes with a story which is too long to write about but if you’re interested in learning more I’ll link you to where you can read about it HERE.

Anyways, after a couple of days I have finally completed the first nail art designs I have and I thought I’d share with you that image:


I’m proud of my first attempt at this and hopefully I’ll get better the more I make.

I think the next set I’m going to make will be Disney inspired. I’ve been listening to the Rapunzel soundtrack and really got some fun ideas I want to test out on nails. Either that or Little Mermaid, since my hair is now teal I think mermaid designs and sea shells would be fun. We shall see how it goes. 🙂

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