Recently I coloured my hair turquoise. To give you the exact colour ‘atomic turquoise’ by Manic Panic2e803b9c63c7922c4269f0ac6c7d9219

When summer comes around I do one of two things:

1.Colour it


2.Cut it all off

Since I’ve already cut all my hair off I was only left with the option to colour it.

Most years I go with the lightening of my hair to a blonde or a dirty blonde but for a while now I’ve been wishing to colour my hair something wild. With the recent trends of people colouring their hair all colours of the rainbow I thought I would give it a go.

Heck, why not? I don’t have a job yet and if I get work all I need to do is colour it again. So, I embarked on the two day journey of colouring my hair blue.

First I needed to find the right bleach to whiten my hair. Couldn’t find the stuff in London to my surprise so we – Mr. Canuck and I – drove to St. Thomas where with luck we found all the products I needed for this little experiment. I got home and bleached my hair, following the instructions and hoping I didn’t just make the biggest mistake of my life.

Once that was done I waited 24 hours before putting in the Manic Panic. I wanted to have time to let the colour sit. The next day when I could put aside two hours I put the colour in my hair, slapped on a shower cap, and waited two hours. I spent the time playing Civ V and The Forest. By the time I had built my log cabin in the middle of Geese Pond I was ready to wash out the colour.

At this point I washed my hair out with ice cold water to keep the colour in and gave myself a brain freeze… but it was worth it. The result was amazing.turpic.jpg I felt like a mermaid when I saw the colour and I couldn’t stop smiling. For years I had wanted to colour my hair crazy and now I had.

For the first day or so I was caught off-guard whenever I saw myself in the mirror. For 25 years I had had natural coloured hair in various shades of brown… so seeing myself with Smurf coloured hair was surprising. I liked it – so don’t think what I wrote there was me regretting what I had done. It was just strange and at times rewarding to see myself in the mirror. It felt like I had completed some life achievement but it didn’t prepare me for the reactions I was going to get.

Now, I had kind of psyched myself up for the worst of it as inside my head I was thinking only the worst would happen. My outside self appears to be very optimistic but my brain is a jerk with all those dooms day whispers and doubt demons I’ve mentioned before. I’m glad for those demons as it made most of the reactions entertaining, or at least educational.

For those of you interested in colouring your hair a unnatural colour here are some of the reactions you may get from people.


At the bus stop I received several compliments from giphy1people. I got those who became obsessed with the colour and couldn’t believe it was possible to get it so bright. Others considered what I had done to be ‘so brave’. While others said it complimented my features or really showed my ‘style’… which was news to me as I didn’t know I actually had style.

These were the people that helped boost my confidence and make me feel comfortable about taking the plunge with colouring my hair bright turquoise.


These are the folks that will play 20 questions with you without warning.

For example: when I was leaving the employment centre the other day I was questioned by a nice woman in the elevator. I didn’t mind the questions but it prepared me for the others at the coffee shop or clothing stores who were soon to do the same.

Expect questions like:

What did you use?

Did you get it professionally done?

Is it permanent?

How did you get it so bright?

Why that colour?

Do you colour your hair like that often?

What made you decide to colour your hair?

What does your boss/ partner/ parents think of your hair?

These are normal questions and if you answer questionsthem in a friendly/ respectful manner they usually will leave you alone. I find answering questions to be educational and helpful for people and if they are asking you questions chances are they may be interested in getting their hair coloured that way as well.

The ages of the folks that have questioned me are usually older in age between 30-60. I also had a pre-teen ask me what colour I had used but they had cotton candy hair, which I really want to try out next. 😛


Now not everyone is going to compliment you or question you about your hair. Like I mentioned above you will have those that don’t like what you’ve done. I hate to state that usually these people are of an older generation but the one’s that turned their lip up at me or deliberately crossed the street to avoid me were seniors.

Unnerved people are the one’s that will likely change to become insulters. They’re the people for whatever reason find that it’s their duty to let you know that you’re appearance has bothered them in some way or they somehow become the fashion police.

For example:

There just might be a time where wfdlzo9someone comes up to you and says, “You have such a pretty face… why ruin it with such an ugly hair colour.” Which – by the way – happened to me in a Starbucks…

This will bother you. Don’t say it won’t. Insults will always bother some part of you even if you are an emotionless drone. It is in our nature to want to be liked and when we aren’t liked it hurts. You will think that maybe you made a mistake with the hair colour. You will think that maybe you should colour it back.

But I’ll tell you right now, this is what you should do… which is what I did.

Smile, say ‘Thank you. Your opinion has been noted.’ Take you frappe-latte-chino-vente thing and continue on with your life. At the end of the day it is your hair and you can do what you want with it. You didn’t colour it for other’s enjoyment or to bother people. You coloured your hair for you… so don’t let their insults do more than give that initial sting.


I found this happening at restaurants or on public transit. You catch someone looking at you and they look up at the ceiling to not get caught looking at you. alq8x_s-200x150

First I wait until they try to look at me again, smile at them and then turn my attention back to what I’m doing. I don’t care if you’re staring. I know my hair isn’t a natural colour. It is normal to stare at someone that doesn’t fit inside the normal box of society. If you want to stare at me go right ahead; this only becomes a problem if you stop staring and start insulting me.


If you want to colour your hair do it. It is hair, it grows back. As long as it makes you happy that’s all that matters.

If you are interested in a detailed step-by-step tutorial on how I coloured my hair and what products I used/ use to maintain my lovely turquoise locks let me know in the comments. I check them regularly and don’t mind sharing my beauty secrets with the world. 🙂