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Old Word Friday: Gallimaufry


This is a fun word to say – gallimaufry, which means a┬ájumbled medley (can also refer to an edible dish). Why you need such a long word for that, I do not know…

But here are some sentences showing how you can use it:

Tina made her famous bean gallimaufry with chickpeas, kidney beans, and black beans.


The students had to made a gallimaufry of pictures from their field trip for their final project.

Old Word Friday: Twirlblast


Twirlblast is such a fun old word. How old? Well according to certain sources twirlblast dates back to the 1700s. Twirlblast simply put is an old name for tornado. I don’t know why they ever decided to change it to tornado since the older name for it sounds so much betters.

Examples of using Twirlblast in a sentence:

The town was devastated by a class 5 twirlblast.


The child’s room looked like a twirlblast tore through.



Since this is a special weekend for everyone in some way, shape, or form – I wanted to share with you a link I found today in regards to forgotten Christmas words. As I only have the weekend to share these amazing words, and I only do this once a week I thought I’d share the link instead of sharing the words. The reason… there was too many good words to choose from and I wanted to share them all with you.

11 Christmas Words

My favourite word from the list is tied between Yule-skrep and bummock. Which word is your favourite?

Old Word Friday: Guttle


This weeks old or forgotten word is Guttle.

Guttle is best describe as gobble greedily or to stuff one’s gut with food.

For example:

Greta guttled down the cake before her.


There was so much food on the table Thomas couldn’t help but guttle it down.

Old Word Friday: Trumpery

Hello everyone,

Yes, I know it is Saturday, and I am sorry I am posting this one day late. The thing is, I wasn’t back in the world of strong internet until now. So, without further delay here is your old word!


Meaning pretty things that are worthless.


Those china dolls are trumpery.

I have a lot of trumpery things.

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