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A Week Until Book Two Is Released!

Man it feels like yesterday that I was just publishing book one… well it was last year… but still. XD

I wanted to share with you the fact that there are 7 days until Children of Sirphan is released! Are you pumped? I know I’m pumped!!

Keep your eyes open for new updates but for now I’ll share this. 🙂



Nightmares of Editing

It has to be done but I’m dreading it.General Atmosphere - 2014 SXSW Music, Film + Interactive Festival


Ugh… editing.

No, matter how much I love writing there are parts of it that irk me. I’ve done the easy part of writing the damn thing but now I have to go back to make necessary changes. This could be sentence structure, story flow, grammar, punctuation… and if you read my blog posts – which I tell you right now I don’t really edit – I need help in all of those listed.

Sometimes it’s funny when I re-read a section of my book and know exactly how my mood was.

“Ah, yes… chapter 5 and 6 must have been the days I got a proper amount of sleep. 7 to 10… was I writing drunk… I really need to stop that…”

So… yeah… necessary changes are necessary for my final written product.

Editing I understand is important. I was the kid in school told to edit my work all the time and didn’t… which could have meant a grade upgrade from a B average to a A average… but I know kids don’t listen to their teachers. I’ve been a teacher and you can go blue in the face trying to get a kid to listen to you but if they choose not to… well good luck. I would like to call that Karma by the way.

Now, with my focus at the moment on creative writing and self-publishing my work I have to pay attention to the process I dreaded all my life. Editing could change an okay book into a best-seller. Editing shows you’ve put time and effort into making sure your book reads well and flows well for your readers.

It took me 10 years but I appreciate editing even though I still hate it.

I honestly can’t believe this will be the second book I’ve written in less than a year that has entered this process. I actually can’t believe I’m willing to put myself through this torment for a second time…

Editing is pain people. It will all pay off in the end. When I am holding book two in my hands I will forget all the re-writing and re-reading that needed to be done to hold the final product. I’m also excited to think what you all think of the second book…

In truth – and I may be bias – I think the second book is better written and has more action. The characters are developed better and I think there is more suspense compared to book one… actually I know there is more suspense than book one. Liora is going to kick butt this book and gain new friends along her adventure.

Anywho, I have to go back to the dungeon of editing before I can send it off to be reviewed by my editor. Yes, I pre-edit my stuff… if I’m comfortable to send it to him that means it is close to being comfortable enough to get published.

That’s all for now.

Toodles. 🙂


UPDATE: So close I can taste it!!

Oh my god! First draft of book two is almost complete. I don’t think I am able to handle how amazing that feels. Although I’m freaking out on the inside I know I have to keep reminding myself to Keep Calm It’s Only The First Draft.

It is helpful to remind myself that I can still edit and change everything… that I didn’t type my draft in stone… but it still makes my perfectionist inside me scream whenever I have to force myself to “leave this to fix in the second revision”. XD

I don’t want a second revision! Drafts are fun! Editing is terrible… editing drives me up the wall! You can’t make me edit – nope. Not going to happen!

That is a lot of exclamation marks… and yes – unfortunately as much as I hate editing it will be done because the world knows I need to do it. Just let me have my moment of hating the world and now let us move on.

Onward we go.

All right, so this is where I’m at right now in the first draft of book two:


What I had planned was about 80,000 words for the book. Meaning I only have 30,000 words left and that is just awesome! I can see the end approaching with each word I type. My characters are slowly winding down and all the chaos has concluded. Man, it will be great when it is actually done. I may actually take a break.

Phsssh – like I’d take a break.

That’s what I said when I finished book one’s first draft and when I finished editing book one… and when I published book one…

I just keep lying to myself… what will I learn that breaks just don’t exist in my reality…

Okay, so asides from that I have been thinking long and hard on if I want to change the name of the second book. My original plan was to keep with the Child of the ________ theme I started with, but my mind has been coming up with other names that would – in my mind – work so much better with the story I’m telling. Sure, there is going to be a Child of the Water in book two – the series follows the discovery of all Six children of prophecy – but there is more to it than just the child…

I don’t know. What do you think?

Also, I’m looking for ideas on what I can post in regards to the books/ series. Anything you want to know about the world, characters, cultures – let me know in the comments before and I’ll look at creating posts focusing around those. 🙂


Okay, I believe I’ve typed enough for now. Everyone have a wonderful and safe weekend.



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