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Do What You Can’t – Response

One thing I love about Casey Neistat is he is a creator that doesn’t let anything stand in his way. He makes a living out of doing amazing things and filming it. I came across Casey’s videos a year ago, and although I had seen his work through the years I never really took a chance to watch his vlogs or other videos until last year when I subscribed to his channel.

When it comes to the channels I subscribe too I can be selective. My main qualifiers for channels are:

  1. Does it educate me in some way?
  2. Does it make me think?
  3. Does it make me laugh?
  4. Does it help me be creative?

All 89 channels I am currently subscribe to answer yes, but for Casey – his channel checks off all four. He talks about life, his struggles and accomplishments. He captures humanity in a way that shows you that the world isn’t as dark as others may make it out being, but when something terrible happens he isn’t one to sugar coat it. Yes, he can be bias about things – but humans are bias creatures and our opinions sometimes slip into places they shouldn’t.

This week Casey’s video hit me in a way his other videos didn’t. His topic was ‘Do What You Can’t’. He talks about how if he listened to all the people that told him he couldn’t move to New York, couldn’t never have a show because of his looks, or be unable to make a living in film because he never went to school that he wouldn’t be where he is now. He did what people told him he couldn’t do and he goes onto talk about others – specifically the YouTube community – who make a living ‘doing what they can’t’.

So, to add to the doing what you can’t conversation that Casey started I want to through my hat in the ring with my story.

Growing up I had a lot of people tell me I couldn’t do things. I had a babysitter tell me that I would never be a strong swimmer which pushed me to getting my life guarding certification and swimming across the lake at my parent’s cottage without assistance one summer. I was told I was never going to last high school by some of my teachers, which not only pushed me to graduate high school with honours but go onto become a Ontario Certified teacher. There were two teachers – I will not name – that told me I would never become a author because there were better writers out there and the competition for publication was too high. Although they aren’t wrong about the second part – which I did get offers from publishers for my work that I chose to turn down – they didn’t know about e-books at the time or that self-publishing would be so popular.

Everyone has been told they can’t do something because of some reason or another in their life but Casey proves that you don’t have to listen. You can choose to listen to those that doubt your strength or you can push through and show those who doubted you what you are capable of. Sure, it won’t be easy. Heck surpassing all the doubters in my life wasn’t easy, but I have something to show for it. I am a strong swimmer. I am smart enough to graduate high school and university. I am skilled enough to publish not one but two books.

So, in the words of Casey Neistat ‘Do What You Can’t’ and show the world who they underestimated.

Until next time remember to stay safe, be creative, and as always toodles! ^.^

Apple Sauce & Apple Cider Recipe


It’s Fall!! I love fall so much. Not only does it have my favourite holiday – Halloween – but it is also filled with yummy comfort foods and cozy sweaters. So, to launch this fall season off I want to share with you my trick to making Apple Sauce and Apple Cider.


Prep time: 10-15 mins                     Cook time: 3 hrs                                   Total time: 3.5 hrs


6-7 Apples (Royal Gala or Spartan)

4-5 Cups Water

1/4 Cup Sweetener (Brown or White Sugar, Honey)

2 Cinnamon Sticks

Items you’ll need:

1 Crock Pot

1 Glass bowl or pot

1 Cup measuring cup

1/4 Cup measuring cup


Potato Masher

Cutting Board



Jug and a glass jar (Mason Jar)


Chop and peel all the apples (6-7), place them in the crock pot with 1/4 cup of sweetener and 2 cinnamon sticks. Add the 4-5 cups of water until apple pieces are bobbing or there is a faint layer of water over the apples. Mix everything together in the crock pot before putting on the lid and setting the pot to high. Let cook for 3 hours, or until apples are soft enough to crush IMG_20141115_163307with a fork.

Once apples are soft enough, use a potato masher to press the apples into a pulp. Use strainer and glass bowl or pot to separate the pulp and liquid. Press pulp in the strainer to make sure as much liquid is removed as possible. Place pulp in Mason Jar.

You may have to strain the pulp and liquid 2-3 times until cider is clear of large apple pieces. Store apple pulp in Mason Jar and apple cider in a container of your choice, let cool before putting them in the fridge.

You have now made apple cider and apple sauce. Congratulations!

Makes: 1 large Mason Jar of Apple Sauce and 4-5 cups of Apple Cider.

Note: I was contemplating on adding this video but some of you may find it helpful… while I just find it embarrassing. That crock pot has died since I made this video and my hair is no longer that long. A lot happens in a year… but hey if one of you finds it helpful it is worth posting it. 

Donating Your Voice with VocalID

A while back I wrote about VocalID and how important it was for everyone to have their own unique voice. There are people throughout the world that cannot speak due to one reason or another who are stuck with voices that don’t suit them.

It was two years ago when I first saw the TEDTalk about VocalID talking about the need for voice donation. We don’t really think about donating a voice because it isn’t something flashed in front of us like blood, or organs but this is easy to do and takes very little time out of your day.

As a donor you set up an account with VocalID where you gain access to their online recording system. At home, with a microphone, you record yourself speaking sentences that pop up on the screen. Some are funny, others ridiculous, but they all have a purpose. Each word you bank builds upon the hundreds of words a Vocal recipient can say.

I’ll give you an example:

Sally is 24 and lives in Canada but can’t speak due to laryngeal cancer (simply put – cancer of the voice box). She uses a device where she types in what she wants to say and it speaks for her. Similar to Stephen Hawking, where he uses a synthesized male voice to speak. Since Sally’s a 24 year old woman she doesn’t want to sound like nor use the standard synthesized male voice. So, instead, she goes to VocalID where they match her with donors that may fit her age, sex, and location.

That’s where I (a donor) pop up on the list. She listens and selects my voice to be modulated/ synthesized to make her own unique voice. Now instead of hearing Microsoft Sam whenever she types out a sentence, you hear Sally’s voice made just for her.


Here’s a video just put out by VocalID which I think it a cute way of getting the point across. Enjoy! 🙂

Virtual Reality Is Here!

So, if you are into gaming than it is likely that you’ve been following the development of the various VR companies trying to get their moment in the spotlight. Starting with the Oculus Rift many peoples eyes were open to the amazing potential of VR and how this could make the gaming experience more immersive than ever before.

I – of course – were one of these people following this change in technology for a while and honestly I can’t wait to own a VR headset.

Which headset exactly? The HTC Vive with SteamVR. Not only does it not call home to Facebook every moment of every day, but it allows you to use a familiar gaming platform.

With that said, I want to share with you a video that completely blew my mind and is making me giddy with anticipation on actually acquiring one of these beauties for myself.

When In Time Would You Stop Understanding English?

This week for some reason seems to have a lot of videos that peak my interest… which doesn’t happen very often. With that said, I want to share with you a video about the English Language.

Some of you know that my education back is a BA in English and BEd, so when I find interesting videos that teach the history of the English Language I usually archive them for future use. With the research I’ve done and the love I have for medieval literature my understanding would stop around the 1500’s because after this time period we get more into Latin based English… which in no way would I begin to try and comprehend that…

I love English and its complexity but I also love the history behind the language. This video touches upon both these topics and handles explaining the changes incredibly well. If you are an English teacher or someone passionate about the English language this is a video you should watch:

Wingdings Font: Why Do We Still Have It?

Second day in a row that I’ve posted a video. I’m not going to say sorry for it because these are interesting/ educational videos which I find interesting.

Ever since I was a kid I was curious about the Wingding font. I used it during my computer classes to send funny messages to friends. I used the font for headers on my short stories and even in my recent published work – Child of the Light. It is a decorative font that we rarely give attention to… so why does Microsoft still have the Wingdings font?

This is a great question, and what better way to answer them than by this short video:

30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 28 – Funny Things

Post Five Things That Make You Laugh

I have a playlist on Youtube just for this post. If I need a good laugh these are the videos I pull up that brings a smile to my face every time. These are more laughing because they are cute than they are laughing because they are funny. Enjoy!


|ONE| He Squeaks!!!


|TWO| Save that Hour!!! *Warning strong language used*


|THREE| Loca The Special Pug


|FOUR| Hang Dried Sloth


|FIVE| Puppies verses Stairs


Sumtimes the English Language is Dum

Yes, I know the title is using the wrong some and dum is actually dumb, but after watching this video you will realize how complicated the English language is… and why it is amazing anyone knows it at all. XD


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