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Wonderful Word Wednesday: Panoply


Unlike Monopoly – the game that ruins friendships and marriages – panoply is actually a good thing. When you have an panoply is usually means you have a complete set of something.¬†Panoply is so fun to say… well I find anything with an LY fun to say actually.

Ways of using panoply in a sentence:

You may think I’m crazy but I have a panoply of the Spice Girls Dolls.


Many people have a panoply of the Harry Potter Series.


So, what kind of panoplies do you have/ are proud of?

Wonderful Word Wednesday: Stalwart


When I hear the word stalwart, the first thing that comes to mind is a stall – as in stopping something – and wart – smooth growths of skin normally found on a witch’s nose. Together stalwart makes me think it means stalling the growth of a wart… but in no way is that the actual meaning.

Stalwart actually means: a loyal, reliable, and hardworking supporter or participant in an organization or team (Thanks Google).

That’s why I had to share this word today on WWW because of how two words meaning completely different things can be put together to make a word that means something completely different. This is why I love the English language. XD

Stalwart used in a sentence:

The band was surrounded by their stalwart fans.


The farmer carried a sack of potatoes on his stalwart shoulders.

Wonderful Word Wednesday: Inglenook


The word inglenook is a funny sounding word but I find it gives character to a place when you use it. Inglenook means a cozy/ comfortable place by the fireplace.

For example:

Liora sat in the inglenook with the leather text on her lap.


They gathered around the inglenook.

Wonderful Word Wednesday: Harbinger


The first time I ever heard the word harbinger was when I was playing the Mass Effect Series. There were aliens called Harbingers, who went to different planets throughout the billions or years the universe had existed wiping out civilizations that were becoming too advanced or could become a threat. It was upon hearing these aliens be called Harbingers that I realized I really liked the word and added it to my Wonderful Word list.

Harbinger doesn’t mean alien or dangerous force. Harbinger actually means a messenger with news of the future.

For example:

“They call him the Harbinger, for he knows more of what’s to come than any other that wanders the wastes,” she hummed, keeping her eyes focused on the table before her.



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