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Thanks Phone

Hello world out there world!

I know it’s been a while since I posted. I wish I had a good excuse but the truth is Canada finally got Pokémon Go and everyone over night has become obsessed – I know I have at least, which either is a good thing or a bad thing. Good in the sense I have walked more than I have ever walked in my measly life to hatch virtual eggs to get more virtual creatures to become the best darn virtual trainer in the world! (If I can find something other than freaking Pidgeys and Rattatas!)

Oh, I’ve also been volunteering this week for Pride, which has also taken my time up! Hence not having an Old Word Friday last week… sorry for those looking forward to that. I will post two words this Friday to make up for it. 🙂

Anyways… the point of this post was to bring up something that made me laugh the other day.

I happened across a post while looking through Pinterest – my other procrastination site of doom. Sometimes I find pictures I keep to myself for my own enjoyment but there are others that I know most of you can relate to. This happens to be one of those posts:


If you were to go back in time to my high school days and open my bag you’d find a laptop, notebook, notepad, pens, pencils, YA books, and scrap paper. I loved writing so much that I made sure I always had something available for me to write on. I wrote so much that teachers took away my notebooks during class so I would do my work and strangers in the hallways didn’t know me by name but by the nickname ‘Writer’s Craft’, which followed me into university, (that story for another time). The point was I never left home without something to write in.

Thankfully as time continued on and technology got better so did my bag.

By last year of university I had a much smaller purse that carried only my wallet, phone, and charger. I had no notebook, laptop, or notepad in my bag. I didn’t need to carry around books. Everything had magically become an app on my phone.

Need to write an idea down? Notepad App.

Need to write a page of a story down? Notepad App.

Want to read a book? Kindle App.

Saw something inspiring? Camera App.

Want to share my boring life with the world? WordPress App.

You get the idea…

Everything I once carried around, denting my shoulders in the process, is now taking up space on my phone along with my virtual pet collection. I’m still a writer but at least my back isn’t breaking when I leave the house anymore. 🙂


Tales of Talking to Myself…

So… I catch a lot of people off-guard when I’m talking because my mind likes to do this thing where one second I’m engaged in the discussion and the next second I’m plotting out the end of a chapter. This happens more often than I would like…

For example:

I was in the middle of shopping whatifcharactertorturewhen I walked down the spice aisle. This was around the
same time I was researching different plants that could be slipped into someone’s food to do damage – poison someone basically. So, as I was looking over the spices I didn’t notice someone move to stand beside me. The poor woman was looking for nutmeg – which on a side note is a nightmare to try and find. As I reach for the bag of sage I must have muttered to myself – probably something along the lines of ‘how big of a dosage would I need to kill someone’. The woman was shocked from whatever it was I said and hurried away obvious that she heard me but pretending that she didn’t.

That time I didn’t mean for someone to hear… but I do have to admit there were moments when I was in university that I used my book research to get people to leave me alone. My favourite place to use this was in the campus coffee shop.

WARNING: using this tactic to get people to leave you alone may result in them thinking you are crazy… then again you’re a writer so they aren’t that far from the truth… 

imawriterI decided to sit in the corner booth in the empty back area, away from the loudness of the other groups. I wanted time to work alone but enough noise to keep my ears from buzzing from silence.

As I was working away on one of my very old drafts, a rowdy group – of what I assume was outdoor recreation students – sat in the booth beside mine. They were obnoxiously loud, clearly not hiding in the back area for the quieter atmosphere. So, when I heard their conversation slowly die down enough for someone to hear me, I chose to make my voice louder than usual and say, “Eviscerating him may be too much… I’ll have them play Russian roulette with his extremities instead.”

The best part about this was I had opened several tabs to medieval torture devices and interrogation techniques. The group left several moments later to go to the other room and my place in the back area returned to its mild silence. That’s why as much as this kind of thing is inconvenient at times if used correctly it can be a great tool to get people to leave you alone. 🙂

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